After my father passed away in December of 2013, I received a bear. With it came a note saying “this is Hug A Dad bear. Whenever you’re missing your dad, just give him a hug.” Throughout the years, my sons and I turned to, who they call ‘Hugga-Bear’ for comfort during tough times.

In July of 2017 we received news that a beautiful girl, who I love as my own, was diagnosed with Leukemia. I was devastated. My son who was 3 at the time, overheard me crying and praying.

– “Mommy, are you ok” – “Yes baby, I just wish I could be there to hug them”

– “Why don’t you send Hugga-Bear, Everyone should have a bear to hug when you’re not there”, he replied.

My mother whom I was caring for a that time overheard and in that moment, it was decided; we have to share our Hugga-Bear.

After years of research, Pharmaceutical work and a lifetime of being a caretaker, the one common factor that showed positive results, were Hugs. I witnessed what a difference it made in patients that suffered from ailments across the spectrum from Depression to Alzheimer’s, Autism to Anxiety; when given a hug, showed relief.

After my mother’s passing in May of 2018, my sons and I have been full force to fulfill her request to share Hugga-Bear with the world.

Hugga-Bear hugs are always there;

To give love, comfort, and care.