Hugga-Bear's Mission

My mission is to build a community of understanding and a sense of unity so that no one feels alone. I want to share with the world the power of compassion and love that is the heart of Hugga-Bear. He is not ‘'just a bear’', Hugga-Bear is a representative; he is a family member, he is a friend, he is me and he is you. He is love, comfort, and security. Being there when you can’t physically be there, he replaces tears with smiles.

After having careers in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, the one common factor that has always shown a positive result was a hug. Studies have shown that patients that suffered from ailments across the spectrum from Depression to Alzheimer’s, Autism to Anxiety, showed relief when g able to hug. When a hug is needed, Hugga-Bear provides therapeutic comfort.

Hugga-Bear is a therapeutic comfort bear for all ages. With snuggly soft fur and beaded limbs, Hugga-Bear is designed to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression by providing a loving feeling of comfort.

When you're gifted a Hugga-Bear he becomes a collective of thoughts, a culmination of memories, a manifestation of a loved one’s wish for your peace and happiness.

"Hugga-Bear hugs are always there, to give love, comfort, and care."